When I was younger I didn’t always like walking.  I found it rather pointless, putting on layers, boots, driving somewhere, walking around. Then, at a certain age, it didn’t seem so bad – there might be a pub involved with a welcoming fire, tasty food and refreshing drink. 

Appreciation for the walk itself also grew. Fresh air, birds singing, the feeling of leaves underfoot and light breaking through the trees.  And when God is part of your life, appreciation runs far deeper.  God made nature to be walked in and enjoyed.  Adam and Eve “heard the sound of the Lord God walking to the garden in the cool of the day.”  A setting sun, dappled light, a whispering breeze... the cool of the day is one of the best times to step outside.  But all too often the rush of life gets in the way and we rarely take the time to enjoy God’s blessing of being among nature. 

So what about our time with God?  Real time, not a quick prayer or a snatched Bible reading but proper focused solitude with our Creator. Jesus’ three years of preaching and teaching were incredibly busy, yet he always made time to be with his Father.  He often walked up a mountain to pray all night even though he was exhausted from his every action being scrutinised and questioned.  He made the most of the blessings of nature and turned to his Father in prayer while walking in the mountains.

In the strength Jesus gained from the nights of meditation and solitude with his Father, he was able to say to his followers “Come to me and I will give you rest”.  So let us take time to appreciate all that nature offers, remembering our Creator and looking forward to his kingdom.

The fromAbove team