Trees are the "lungs of the earth". They provide the oxygen we need to be able to breathe and live. They are essential to our planet and support all manner of life.

In the Bible, human beings are likened to trees. For a tree to produce good, healthy fruit it needs to be able to access the right minerals to stimulate germination and growth. For us to do good works in our lives – loving and helping others – we need to be rooted in Godly values and absorb the most beneficial 'nutrients' for growth.

God and His word the Bible provide a solid and unchanging foundation for life. The gospel message preached by God's Son Jesus was that of love and commitment to the good of those around us, as well as to God.

Building ourselves from the ground up in love, and absorbing the wisdom of the Bible in our lives will allow us to bear good fruit. The 'fruit' that the Bible refers to is called 'the fruit of the spirit' and consists of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Trees stand still. They are immovable. Despite the winds, the rain, the beating sun, the snow, the frost, they still sprout leaves, flowers and fruit. Trees are reliable. They grow in both good times and in bad.

We can also bear good fruit, just like Jesus said, when we are rooted in God and His word.

The fromAbove team