Summer is finally here. School has finished for another year, the shops are bursting with beachwear and the roads are becoming blocked with holidaymakers heading to the coast. It's the season of sun-cream, ice-lollies and sandy feet. 

Sunshine is so important. It can make us feel happy, content and free. Sunshine improves our physical health, providing vitamin D and encouraging positive energy. Yet, summer is fleeting. We wait so long for these few precious months of sunshine, and in what seems like a moment they are over.

God created the sunshine for the day, and moonlight for the night. Every day without fail the sun rises in the east, travels across the sky, and sets in the west. The sun is always reliable. Even when it hides behind the clouds, it is still there constantly giving light and warmth to the earth. 

In much the same way God is always there to give us the light from His word and the warmth of His love. He gives true happiness, contentment and freedom to those who turn to Him, love Him and walk in the way of His son, Jesus.

Jesus said “I am the light of the world” and if we walk in his light we can be free from sin. We need the health benefits that Jesus can give us, the Sun of Righteousness who will arise with healing in his wings. He wants us to turn from darkness to his light so we can receive forgiveness and an eternal inheritance.

What an amazing hope we can have, living forever in God’s kingdom on earth where the righteous will shine like the sun!

The fromAbove team