We live in a world where there is a culture of doing and getting things immediately, working long hours, as well as pressures on the way we look and what we have (or don't have).

All these things can stress us out. And at this time of the year, Christmas with the family can just add even more pressure.

God offers us something completely different.  A peace that passes all understanding through His Son.

Food, drink and clothing will always be provided to the faithful by God. Jesus tells us that He feeds the birds, yet we are better than birds. He gives glory to the flowers of the fields, yet we are better than flowers. Therefore, He will provide even more for us.

And way beyond caring for our physical needs, God has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ. We have all we need, and more. The apostle Paul says that he learned, in whatsoever state he was in, to be content. We need to do the same knowing, like Paul, that the suffering of today cannot be compared with the glory of the kingdom of God that we are waiting for.

God provides for all His children and He promises to look after our needs. Everything that happens to us is for our good, if we love Him.

So let’s de-stress. Let’s meditate. Let’s take time out from our busy lives and put time into our relationship with God and His Son, the Lord Jesus.