New year, new you?

“You are what you do, not what you say youʼll do” - Carl Jung

It’s the start of a new year. People around the world are reflecting on last year’s ups and downs, and everything in between. They are making promises to avoid previous mistakes or to improve some area of their lives that may be lacking. Once these promises are made they try their hardest to stick to them and reap the rewards.

New year, new me!

Healthier eating, finding time to meditate or simply learning a new skill - whether it’s mind, body or soul, the desire is there to try. It comes as no surprise then that gym memberships boom in January! And it is also no surprise that there is a sharp drop off in attendance come February…

People en masse are pretty poor at sticking to things and creating new, beneficial habits. Itʼs easy to stick to bad habits which often provide only short term satisfaction, but good habits require hard work and dedication. There is a gap between words and actions and often words just stay that, words.

For Jesus and his disciples, there was no difference between words and actions. They practiced what they preached and tried to live every day in a manner befitting someone teaching love and forgiveness. For the disciples there were blips, as there always will be, but for those who practice what they preach the line between words and actions gradually fades. For positive changes to take hold, we need to embrace new behaviours, living as best we can. Itʼs not a switch to turn on and off, but a lifestyle to adopt. Progress is slow at first, but it then becomes routine and second nature.

This is what the disciples did. They lived the things they believed and this new lifestyle became habitual. They let their beliefs be the foundation of their words and actions. As one disciple, James, said “Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds”. Now is the time to get our beliefs right – and live them.

The fromAbove team