Life from death

In Spring we witness a miracle – resurrection! All around us tiny little plants are growing from seeds that were otherwise dead. A seed needs to absorb water, enough to swell, and in three days, given the right conditions, it will germinate. Part of the first new growth dies to give the plant the energy it needs to thrive. 

Inbuilt in the DNA of every seed is this principle of self-sacrifice in order to give life. This was portrayed in an amazingly wonderful way by Jesus who paid the ultimate price – he died so that we can live. 

Plants need light, air and more water as they continue their journey from being a dead seed to a plant or maybe rising up to become a giant oak tree, depending on the seed, of course! In providing these essentials for life God shows His care for His creation. In much the same way He has given us the Bible, His guidance and most of all His son to give light to our journey.

God also gives us other people to help us. Growing into one of God’s children is not easy – it is full of difficult challenges and temptations. If we root ourselves into the right soil, we can draw nutrition from decayed matter. We can be encouraged that others through faith have achieved the impossible and will be raised from the dust to be given everlasting life.

A seed may start off small and insignificant, but given the right conditions and tender care can grow into a giant oak, useful for building homes to support families, or ships to sail the seven seas.

Where are you in your transformation journey? Are you drawing on God’s blessing from above – His light, water and air? Are you learning from faithful people who have made the journey from dead seed to becoming a child of God? 

Absorb God’s word, respond in faith and let God nurture you and bring you into His kingdom.

The fromAbove team