Building on the Rock

New York and London have very different skylines. New York is a mass of skyscrapers, some over 400 metres high. London has some tall buildings, but much fewer and not to the same grand heights of its American cousin. The reason for this is their differing bedrocks. Manhattan’s is very hard ‘schist’, whereas London is built on softer sedimentary rocks, with clay and chalk in the layers.

Jesus told the parable about two men who built houses on different foundations. The first withstood the storms, but the second succumbed to them. The parable challenges us to be like one of the builders. Which will we be like?

Jesus told us what it means to build on a rock – it is to hear what he says, and to do what he asks. The man who built on the sand heard Jesus’ words but failed to put them into practice. 

So, we have two stages – firstly, to hear the words of Jesus. Two thousand years after Jesus was preaching in Israel, we are privileged to have his words written down for us. Not only this, but we have all of the Bible, which contains God’s message, with Jesus’ teachings at its core. There is nothing stopping us reading it, ‘soaking up’ its words and starting from the right place in building our lives. 

Then we have the stage of doing what Jesus asks. It means acting on what we have learned, showing faith, being baptized and trying to follow his example, such as helping those in need, being kind and thoughtful, and sharing the Bible message with other people. Why not read Jesus’ words for yourself, and start building a better future?

The fromAbove team