The Apprentice

Have you ever wondered what it actually means to follow Jesus?

We live in a world that is so used to the word ‘follow’, be it on Instagram, Twitter or any other social network. But to follow Jesus has much more meaning to it.

Back in the first century (and long before that even), Jewish Rabbis or teachers would be ‘followed’ by an apprentice or a group of apprentices. The idea was that the apprentice would learn from the Rabbi and eventually take over his work. 

Apprentices had three aims. The first was to ‘be with their Rabbi’ - literally following them around and sitting at their feet. The second was to ‘be like their rabbi’ - learn from his day-to-day example. The third and ultimate aim eventually was to ‘do what their rabbi did’.

So, if we translate this to the example of our greatest teacher, the Lord Jesus, the expression to ‘follow’ him becomes far more meaningful. We should all strive to be his apprentice, sitting by his feet, spending time with him, learning to be like him and, ultimately, doing the things he did.

How far have you got in your time with Jesus? Are you with him every day? Have you learned how he can save you? Have you understood his instructions to believe and be baptised? Do you live like him every day, preaching the good news of the God’s kingdom and providing practical help to those who need it?

Jesus Christ is not some Facebook friend, but a provider of life and a coming king. We have an obligation to follow him in the best sense of the word.

The fromAbove team