Angels - God's messengers

It’s that time of year again. It’s cold outside, it’s dark in the afternoon and the festive season is upon us. As you read this, people will be adorning their homes with lights and putting up this year's tree, eagerly anticipating December 25th. It’s a time for family, for carols, for sharing and for rejoicing. 

For many, the story of Jesus’ birth is known as the meaning behind Christmas. For others it’s simply an add-on to the festivities. Whether or not you celebrate the religious aspect of the holiday, there are some who were overjoyed on the night of Christ’s birth, and they are the angels. Around two thousand years ago, in the dead of night, while some shepherds were attending their sheep, a multitude of angels descended, singing and rejoicing. They proclaimed the good news of Jesus’ birth and the hope for all that his birth signified. 

The Bible tells us that the angels are God’s messengers, carrying out His wishes and delivering His messages. The good news they gave to the shepherds back then applies to everybody today – the love and goodwill synonymous with this time of year is just as relevant (and needed) as ever. 

So, this year, as you’re singing your favourite carol or tucking into that extra mince pie, try and remember the good news of Jesus’ birth and the hope to come. Are you ready for the time when he returns to the earth and sets everything to right in his kingdom?

As the well-known carol goes, “Hark the herald angels sing, glory to the newborn king".

The fromAbove team